About Us 

We are a privately owned and independently operated business. We have no affiliation with any government agency or other military/veteran groups. The site owners are former Navy personnel with much personal experience in US Navy matters as both officer and enlisted members. 

Our products were originally designed to meet personal needs and then expanded in response to a growing number of ship reunions and unit organizational interests and events. It was believed there is a need for a readily available and higher quality of products for these events and groups. 

We are a slowly developing our organization with lofty goals. We plan to add as many new ships to our inventory as we can. However, it takes a great deal of personal effort to create the quality type of logos needed to produce our products. While the process may be slow, there can be no rush for quantity at the expense of quality. 

When you buy from our line of products, we want to know you will be pleased with what you get. If you are not happy with a purchase, please use the contact button let the webmaster know via email about any problem you may encounter. Also remember that, if you are displeased about anything, our online printing company associate offers a direct 30 day money back guarantee. Our primary goal is to make you happy with our products.

We will also try to add any ship to our inventory that is personally requested. If you have a ship with an upcoming event, let us know and we can try and move it up in the queue for you to ensure a timely production to meet your needs. Otherwise, in the normal course of events, it may be quite a while before we can get to it. We believe in oiling those squeaky wheels. Let us hear about your needs and we will do our best to work with you.