Welcome to the Ship's Store  

As all good past and present Navy men and women may remember, each Navy ship has a Ship's Store. While at the time it may have seemed like they never had the items you wanted in stock, or they were open only at the most inconvenient times, they were the only place you could spend your hard earned cash at sea. They provided you with the ability to get the basic necessities, like toothpaste, soap and shampoo. At sea they were also the only place you could buy your gedunk items like candy and soda. Oh, and don't forget those now evil tax free sea store cigarettes for 10 cents a pack.

Well, you can't find any of those gedunk items at this Ship's Store. But you can find some of those other items that will remind you of those good old Navy days. Now you can recapture a piece of the past with some good old fashion memorabilia items. Many of the old ship stores carried items like tee shirts, patches, plaques, cigarette lighters and such with the ship's emblem or logo on it. Probably most old timers had purchased an item or two of this type at one time or another. However, most of those items have now probably worn out or been lost. Because many of our old ships are no longer in commission, these type of items have become just about irreplaceable.  So where can you go to get some of those items you lost or never took the time to buy? Well right here of course.

We don't have all of the items and we don't yet have them from all of the ships. After all, there have been many thousands of ships during the history of the US Navy. But we are trying and will continue to frequently add new ships and additional products. If your ship is not already on the list, send us an email to let us know and we will get to it as soon as possible.

Our Products

In conjunction with a high quality online printing production company, we have developed a specific line of items that includes many types of  apparel and housewares appropriate for use with ship's seal/logo. These seals are high quality artwork made from designs obtained from available sources. When you order from our printing company there are no minimum orders. You can order just 1 or 1000 of any item. They’ll fulfill any order size (as long as it’s a whole number).

You can visit Cafe Press, our online printing company. At Cafe Press there are presently 81 product choices that are ready to use "as-is". Many of these product choices are unique and only available at Cafe Press. On several items, they also offer outstanding volume discounts if you are shopping for a group, reunion or have a large list. Just click on the above link to check it out.